The Vagabond Prince

The Vagabond Prince

The Vagabond Prince is a highly selective brand. It is sale in very few perfume in the world. The Vagabond Prince is a California brand produced in France by the Perfumer Bertrand Duchauffour. 3 fragrances are made of the finest raw materials.
The name, The Vagabond Prince reflects the state of mind of the creator Zoran Knezevich. The Prince is a vagabond adventurer, a dreamer, a brave who do not stop at failure and instead found the strength for the other fight. A character came straight from a fairy tale that each of us can imaginer. He will never give up the end of his quest. He is a fabled symbol of human will for development. He is self-made.. According to Zoran Knezevich: If you wish to realize something, you should simply start doing it! This works for everything, and it is a simple truth that helps us in our family life and business. So, we stopped dreaming about our own perfume and just started to do it."


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