Annick Goutal :The passion of beautiful raw materials

At  Annick Goutal excellence is not only at the heart of the creative process, it is also a philosophy in itself. Annick Goutal olfactory creations contain the rarest and noblest essences, almost all of natural origin, such as Sicilian lemon, Damascus rose, Italian iris and tuberose from Grasse. Raw materials chosen with the greatest care and extreme precision, to achieve, note after note, the perfect harmony.

  • Les coffrets Goutal

    Les coffrets Goutal



  • Ambre Fetiche

    Ambre Fetiche

  • Bois d' Hadrien

    Bois d' Hadrien

  • Ce soir ou jamais

    Ce soir ou jamais

  • Chat Perché

    Chat Perché

  • Duel


    <p>Duel is a sweet fragrance like a second skin. A fragrance for romatic 21th century</p>
  • Eau de Charlotte

    Eau de Charlotte

  • Eau d' Hadrien

    Eau d' Hadrien

    <h2>Eau d' Hadrien by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><span>A universal perfume inspired by a tuscany landscape, <strong>Eau d'Hadrien</strong> is the expression of <strong>Annick Goutal</strong>'s deep passion for Italy.</span></p>
  • Eau du Sud

    Eau du Sud

    <h2>Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><strong>Eau du Sud</strong> awakens memories of <strong>Annick Goutal</strong>'s travels in Provence and Tuscany.<br />This fragrance conjures up carefree summers, the caressing warmth of the sun, and long evenings when daylight seems to last forever.</p>
  • Encens Flamboyant

    Encens Flamboyant

  • Etoile d' Une Nuit

    Etoile d' Une Nuit

  • Gardénia Passion

    Gardénia Passion

  • Grand Amour

    Grand Amour

  • Heure Exquise

    Heure Exquise

  • La Violette

    La Violette

    <h2>La Violette by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><span>Playful and flavorsome, like a candy. A sweet, smooth violet note enhanced with a touch of rose</span></p>
  • Le Temps des Rêves

    Le Temps des Rêves

  • Ile au Thé

    Ile au Thé

  • Mandragore Pourpre

    Mandragore Pourpre

  • Ninféo Mio

    Ninféo Mio

    <h2>Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><span><strong>Ninfeo Mio</strong> by <strong>Annick Goutal</strong> is the rendition of a wonder-filled stroll through an Italian garden crossed by the Ninfeo river.</span></p>
  • Nuit étoilée

    Nuit étoilée

  • Passion


  • Petite Chérie

    Petite Chérie

  • Rose Absolue

    Rose Absolue

  • Rose Pompon

    Rose Pompon

    <h2>Rose Pompon by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><span><strong>Rose Pompon </strong>by<strong> Annick goutal</strong> is the story of this young Parisian woman. Very natural, she exudes joie de vivre. </span><br /><span>She seduces everyone with her irresistible bird-like grace.</span><br /><br /><span>Her perfume is at her image and conveys her charm: a fresh and sparkling rose, with a bird-like grace. </span><br /><span>A scent from a new horizon, with an addictive trail that federates and makes everyone want to smile, laugh and enjoy life. </span></p>
  • Rose Splendide

    Rose Splendide

    <h2>Rose Splendide by Annick Goutal</h2> <p><strong>Rose Splendide</strong> by <strong>Annick Goutal</strong> is a bucolic walk in a garden drenched with morning dew. A rendering of the flower's soft and fresh, green and musky facets.</p>
  • Sables


    <p>Both dry and hot for the men and women whose originality push them to be themselves.</p> <p><strong>Sables by Annick Goutal</strong> is a fragrance that often seduced artists and musicians.</p>
  • Songes


  • Tenue de Soirée

    Tenue de Soirée

  • Un Matin d' Orage

    Un Matin d' Orage

  • Vanille Exquise

    Vanille Exquise

  • Home Collection

    Home Collection

  • Hand Care

    Hand Care

  • Body Care Goutal

    Body Care Goutal

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Eau de Toilette spray 3.4 fl.oz./100ml Category: Aromatic Citrus Notes: Citrus, Tea, white Musk
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Eau de parfum spray 3.4 fl.oz./100ml Category: Aromatic Woody Notes: Sweet Orange, Cedar, Pepper Mint
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Eau de Parfum spray 100/3.4 fl.oz Category: Fruity/Floral Notes: Raspberry, Bulgarian Rose, Taïf Rose


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