La Mer

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  • Cleansers and Toners

    Cleansers and Toners

    <h2>Cleansers Crème de La Mer : cleansing and already care to prepare your skin</h2> <p>Innovative cleansers infuse skin with the legendary renewing energies of our Miracle Broth™ and proprietary Deconstructed Waters™ to help detoxify, purify and condition while preserving skin’s moisture barrier.</p>
  • Treatment Lotion

    Treatment Lotion

    <h2>The treatment Lotion by Crème de La Mer</h2> <p>The new <strong>Crème de la Mer</strong> <strong>Treatment Lotion</strong> is a miraculous source of vitality, the essential step toward transforming the look of skin. Like "liquid energy".</p>
  • Serums


    <h2>Serums crème de La Mer : intensive care to repare and regenerate your skin</h2> <p>Powered with the legendary renewing energies of our Miracle Broth™ and potent seaborn ferments, Serums Crème de la Mer are penatrating treatments target radiance, regeneration and lift for virtually ageless complexion</p>
  • Eye Area

    Eye Area

  • Moisturisers Cream

    Moisturisers Cream

    <h2>Moisturisers La Mer : a choice of texture for all skins</h2> <p>From the celebrated original to the lightweight gel, there is a texture and finish of Crème de la Mer to transform every complexion.</p>
  • Body Care

    Body Care

  • Eyes - Lips - Neck

    Eyes - Lips - Neck

    <h2>Eyes care Crème de la Mer: real treatments for your eyes area</h2> <p>Eye cares Crème de la Mer are composed by exclusive marine ferments and a triple concentration of Miracle Broth™.</p> <p>These eyes treatments help reduce the appearance of fine lines in the delicate eye area.</p>
  • Masks and Scrubs

    Masks and Scrubs

    <h2>Masks and Scrubs Crème de la Mer</h2> <p><span>All mask and scrubs Crème de la Mer are indulgent treatments which  pair the legendary renewing energies of Miracle Broth™ with seaborn ingredients.</span></p> <p><span>Masks and scrub Crème de la Mer  rejuvenate, moisturise and refine the skin.</span></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Protections UV

    Protections UV

  • Soleil de La Mer

    Soleil de La Mer

  • Make-up


  • Essential


  • Set La Mer

    Set La Mer




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