Institut Très Bien : The story of the Brand

 In 1999 Frédérique Burtin, passionate and perfume creator for famous brands for nearly 15 years ,discovers in the family library a treasure, an old book, a precious manual on perfume. He found the formula of eau de cologne called "A la Russe" composed in 1906, which adored her grandmother and she was preparing in an institute called "Très Bien". Then, Fréderique Burtin had the desire to revive that atmosphere beyond age and fashion. So he naturally turned to the creation of Cologne refined and delicate. Cologne à la  Russe (2004) opens the ball under the brand Institute Very Good, followed by Cologne à la française and finally with Cologne à l' italienne These three Colognes can be worn alone or stacked to create a unique wake.

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parfum vapo 60ml


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