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PRIMARY treatment keeps skin healthy and looking younger and more beautiful by balancing its cutaneous flora. Inspired by the digestive benefits of bifidus, the 5 treatment formulas are filled with prebiotics and probiotics. This range, partly formulated in UHT, embodies Valmont’s universal belief in creating today’s rituals for tomorrow’s beauty.

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€84.17 VAT included
Mist 150ml Number one protective water A PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS BOOST The essential balancing act for the skin’s ecosystem
€130.00 VAT included
Targeted treatment for imperfections MINIMIZES IMPERFECTIONS The quick fix for any skin emergency, visibly healing in 4 days. Formulated in UHT with minimal preservatives. 20ml
€142.50 VAT included
Vital expert cream MUST-HAVE BALANCING CREAM FOR ALL SKIN TYPES The go-to daily cream that guarantees tomorrow’s beauty by maintaining skin health today. Formulated in UHT with minimal preservatives. 50ml
€146.67 VAT included
Essential repairing serum ULTRA CONCENTRATED IN RNA LIPOSOME This fast-acting repairing serum results in flawless skin. Formulated in UHT with minimal preservatives. 30ml
€192.50 VAT included
Rich repairing balm NOURISHING POLISH Soothes, replenishes and repairs 50ml


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